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There is 3 adjusting height to be choose on this type lawn mower; at 1 height, lower handle to the ground is highest.

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Motor speed. Raise the rear cover and remove the grass catcher; 2. Push the mulching wedge into the deck. Lock the mulching wedge with the button into the opening on the deck.

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Lower the rear cover again. Read instructions carefully. Store fuel in containers specifically designed for this purpose. Refuel outdoors only, before starting the engine and do not smoke while refueling or handling fuel. Never remove the cap of the fuel tank or add petrol while the engine is running or when the είδωλο αδυνατίσματος καφέ is hot.

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If petrol is spilled, do not attempt to start the engine but move the machine away from the area of spillage and avoid creating any source of ignition until petrol vapors have dissipated. Replace all fuel tanks and container caps securely. Fuel Tank A slabi sf 1.

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WARNING: Never fill fuel tank indoors, with engine running or until the engine has been allowed to cool for at least 15 minutes after running. The unit is equipped with a rubber boot over the end of the spark plug, make certain the metal loop on the end of the spark plug wire inside the rubber boot is fastened securely over the metal tip on the spark plug.

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Standing behind the unit, grasp the stop control handle and hold it against the upper handle as shown in Fig. Grasp the starter handle as shown Fig. Return it slowly to the rope guide bolt after engine starts. Release the stop control handle to stop the engine and blade. Start the engine carefully according to instructions and with feet well away from the blade. Do not tilt the lawn mower when starting the engine.

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Start the mower on a level surface, free of high grass or obstacles. Keep hands and feet away from the rotating parts.

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Do not start the engine when standing in front of the discharge opening. Note: During operation, when the stop control handle is released, the engine will stop and thus stopping the lawn mower from operating. Disconnect and ground the spark plug wire as instructed in the separate engine manual to prevent accidental starting while equipment is unattended.

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For PLM The a slabi sf is equipped with a speed adjusting system which can adjust 3 speeds from 3. The step as below: 1. Adjust the appropriate speed which you want. Grasp the Self-drive control handle to go on mowing. Do not attempt to mow through unusually tall dry or wet grass e.

Debris may build up on the mower a slabi sf or contact the engine exhaust presenting a potential fire hazard. Be sure that the lawn is clear of stones, sticks, wire or other foreign objects which could be accidentally thrown out by the mower in any direction and cause serious personal injury to the operator and others as well as damage to property and surrounding objects.

Do not cut wet grass.

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For effective mulching do not cut wet grass because it tends to stick to the underside of the deck preventing proper mulching of the grass clippings. Ground speed will need to be adjusted so the clippings can be dispersed evenly into the lawn. For especially heavy cutting in thick grass it may be necessary to use one of the slowest speeds in order to get a clean well mulched cut.

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Overlapping the cut a little on each pass will also help to clean up any stray clippings left on the lawn.

The mower should always be operated at full throttle to get the best cut and allow it to do the most effective job of mulching. Clean underside of deck. Be certain to clean the underside of the cutting deck after each use to avoid a build-up of grass, which would prevent proper mulching.

Mulching leaves. The mulching of leaves can also be beneficial to your lawn. When mulching leaves make sure they are dry and are not laying too thick on the lawn.

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Do not wait for all the leaves to be off the trees before you mulch. Remove wire from spark plug, thoroughly inspect the mower for any damage and repair the damage before restarting and operating the mower. Extensive vibration of the mower during operation is an indication of damage.

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The unit should be promptly inspected and repaired. If this debris is allowed to accumulate, it will invite rust and corrosion, and may prevent proper mulching. The deck may be cleaned by tilting the mower and scraping clean with a suitable tool make certain the spark plug wire is disconnected.

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Your mower is equipped with a central height adjustment lever offering 5 height positions. Stop mower and disconnect spark plug cable before changing mower cutting height. The central height adjustment lever offers you 5 different height positions. To change the height of cut, squeeze adjuster lever toward the wheel, moving up or down to selected height.

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