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Do not approach the top of the tool with your head etc. This is dangerous because the tool may recoil violently if the staple currently being driven in comes into contact with a previous staple or a knot in the wood. Take care when stapling thin boards or the corners of wood.

SATA SATAjet 1000 B Operating Instructions Manual

When stapling thin boards, the staples may pass right through, as may also be the case when stapling the corners of wood due to deviation of the staples. Simultaneous staping on both sides of the same wall is dangerous. Under no circumstances should stapling be performed on both sides of a wall at the same time. This would be very dangerous since the staples might pass through the wall and thus cause injuries. Do not disconnect the battery with your finger on the trigger.

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If you disconnect the battery with your finger on the trigger, the next time the battery is connected, there is a danger that the power tool will fire a staple spontaneously, or operate incorrectly. Disconnect the battery and take out any staples left in the magazine after use.

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Disconnect tool from battery before doing tool maintenance, cleaning a jammed fastener, leaving work area, moving tool to another location, or after use. It is very dangerous for a staple to be fired by mistake. When removing a staple which Θεραπεία απώλειας βάρους 20 κιλών σε 23 ημέρες become stuck, make sure to first of all disconnect the battery.

When removing a staple which has become stuck in the staple outlet, first of all make sure to disconnect the battery.

retete slabit post

Accidental firing of the staple could be very dangerous. To avoid hazards caused by falling staples, never open the magazine with the device facing downward while loading staples.

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  3. Manual Hikoki N 18DSL (page 1 of ) (All languages)

When cleaning the power tool, do not use gasoline or other inflammable liquids. If vapour from an inflammable liquid gets into the power tool, there is a danger that sparks produced when stapling etc.

Hikoki N 18DSL Manual

Always charge the battery at a temperature of 0 — 40°C. A temperature of less than 0°C will result in over charging which is dangerous.

In order to prevent blade dislodging, damage or excessive wear on the plunger, please make sure to have surface of the base plate attached to the work piece while sawing.

The battery cannot be charged at a temperature greater than 40°C. The most suitable temperature for charging is that of 20 — 25°C.

Cela diminue fortement la durée de vie de chaque composant de la machine. Ne pas regarder directement dans la lumière.

Do not use the charger continuously. When one charging is completed, leave the charger for about 15 minutes before the next charging of battery.

retete slabit post

Do not allow foreign matter to enter the hole for connecting the rechargeable battery. Never disassemble the rechargeable battery and charger. Never short-circuit the rechargeable battery.

Short-circuiting the battery will cause a great electric retete slabit post and overheat. It results in burn or damage to the battery. Do not dispose of the battery in fire.

SATA Spray master RP Operating Instructions Manual

If the battery burnt, it may explode. Do not insert object into the air ventilation slots of the charger. Inserting metal objects or inflammables into the charger air ventilation slots will result in electrical shock hazard or damaged charger.

Bring the battery to the shop from which it was purchased as soon as the post-charging battery life becomes too short for practical use.

retete slabit post

Do not dispose of the exhausted battery. Using retete slabit post exhausted battery will damage the charger. In the cases of 1 to 3 described below, when using this product, even if you are pulling the switch, the motor may stop.

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